Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Support Local Producers

I have decided to buy my eggs for Mr. Mustache Bread from a local farmer. Chickens who are raised on small family farms have eggs that are different from those you buy at the grocery store. When a chicken is allowed to roam and peck at the ground, it eats things like bugs and grains that help produce nutritious eggs. Farm eggs are low in fat and high in beta-carotene and omega-3.

Another reason I have decided to buy local eggs is because I want to support local businesses. Wal-mart eggs are shipped all the way from Minnesota (just be glad it isn’t Texas).  We waste energy and resources when we transport eggs long distances.  Isn't it better to save resources and at the same time  support local businesses?  After all, I am a local business.

I wasn’t just thinking about people when I made my decision. I really like chickens. They’re funny when they baulk around moving their necks back and fourth, wattle shaking. They are social with each other, but very timid around people. My friend and I like to stomp our feet and watch them scatter. When they try to fly, they wave their wings and then plummet to the ground. They seem like nice birds and I think they have a better life on a small family farm than they do in the factories.
Whitney's chickens
Don't they look happy?

But here’s the catch. My egg supplier, Whitney, can’t produce eggs as inexpensively as Wal-mart. If I commit to buying local eggs, I will spend ten cents more per loaf on ingredients. Is it worth it? I think so.

Monday, December 6, 2010

An Extra Head

Have you ever lost track of how many scoops of flour you've added to your mixer?  I sure haven't.  Just kidding!  I've lost track many times, but then I figured out that I could use an abacus to keep things straight.  This is how it works.  Every time you add a cup of flour, move a bead over.  It’s that easy.  Now you have an extra head. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Garfield, I Knead You!

This is my Christmas present from Grammy and Papa and my parents.  I named Garfield after President Garfield.  President Garfield  got assassinated.  I hope my Garfield doesn't get assassinated!

Here is what Garfield Does:

1.  He looks AWESOME in facial hair.
2.  Garfield is the muscles of the operation.  He does most of the kneading.  Don't stick your hands in his bowl.  He is very powerful!
3.  Garfield can hold 14 cups of flour so basically I can make a double batch of most recipes.
4.  Garfield rocks!

Garfield and my little sister.

Bread: The Super Gift

Do you want a great idea for Christmas?  Mr. Mustache Bread is the perfect gift.  It is already wrapped in Christmas paper and only cost $5.  Plus, your money helps a person, not a corporation.  You don't have to worry about what people like, because everyone loves homemade bread.  It is unexpected.  Have  you have ever gotten a loaf of bread for Christmas?

When you buy Mr. Mustache Bread as a gift, you get a Santa token in honor of Santa's stache.  Use the token to get one dollar off your next loaf of Mr. Mustache bread.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My First Orders

Selling bread is a new experience for me.  I have sold ten loaves in my first week of business.  I think it was because of my samples.  I took loaves of bread to the college and gave some to my friends at The Arts Center.  I will be busy making bread the next 2 days.  It seems just as much work is happening on the web as in the kitchen.

P.S.    Bread is a beautiful thing.
P.P.S.   If you would like samples of Mr.Mustache bread delivered to your work place, email me "givemebreadnow.com."

Actually, You should probably use my normal email address if you really want the samples.