Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day : A Story by Mr. Mustache

 In ancient Egypt a young boy invented bread.  What most people don't know is that his mom invented bread labels.  She also invented wrapping paper.

He became very successful selling bread up and down the Nile, and his mom helped him.  She was not just a hard worker, she was a thinker too.  She always thought of ways to help her family.  When she had a good idea, she put it into action.

One night there was an eclipse and the mother was very tired.   Even in the dark, she helped her son bake his bread.

Another time the boy locked his brother in a sarcophagus and threw him in the Nile River for all eternity, but his mom never held it against him.

The boy was very bad at hieroglyphics.  His mom never gave up until he could spell correctly.

The mom was always happy.  She always had a good attitude and a smile.  When the gods weighed her heart, it was light and beautiful. The monster of the dead went to sleep hungry.

The End

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  1. Mr. Mustache,

    I hope that my children will learn to be good sons and daughters by watching you. What a blessing to have you - and your delightful and inspiring mother - in our lives. We love you!

    the M family